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HARD Music Festival

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All Day I Dream with Lee Burridge

As some of you may already know, I am a huge fan of day parties. So, when Lee Burridge invites one atop a Brooklyn building with a gorgeous NYC skyline and July 4th fireworks, you go.

Event Photos: Check out the pictures on our Facebook Page!

The fireworks began much earlier than the ones on the Hudson. And it all started with a "stair climb" up to the heavens where a Lee Burridge sonically guided any with positive, uplifting, dreamy and orgasmically feel good music. This love filled sound was driven by Lee's post as a guardian of all that is house.

Upcoming Event: All Day I dream of August 7th

I bumped into Hoj from listed Production's DJ Roster, and he commented on how amazing it was that Lee can take on a party in Brooklyn and put smiles on "everyones" faces.

Historically, this party and those that make the like happen, will be remembered for moving underground dance music in America into the light. Quite literally too, as the importance of enjoying our music during the day is of grave importance. In nearly 10 years of parties, I've realized that in order to sustain my passion for dance, it must occur within hours that I am naturally wakeful.

This was truly a transformative party. And how lucky can we all be to have Lee take on what surely "is" the future of dance music.  What it "is" is being shaped and molded by us too, so we must take care of dance music and ourselves.

All Day I Dream too.