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Tomorrowland Headed To The United States!

A Belgian newspaper indicates that Tomorrowland is coming to the United States!

The internationally renowned Belgian dance music festival, Tomorrowland, has set their sights on global expansion. The festival's organizers Manu and Michael Beers have declared that Tomorrowland will land in every continent on the planet. In fact, the Belgian newspaper DMorgen.be goes on to describe that the search for ideal festival grounds has already begun!
[ Update! Tomorrowland United States Expansion Due To Buy Out? ]
Following last year's live broadcast and insane 20 minute long aftermovie, Tomorrowland has been a US raver's wet dream. No real timeline has been put in place, or even potential locations - but I am already shaking with excitement! ahhhh!
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Holy goddamn fuckshit ! I had already started Saving to go to Belgium for this!
Just like with Vegas and EDC, Belgium will always be the best experience for Tomorrowland. My thoughts anyways...