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[Review] Guti Debut Album: Patio De Juegos

Guti (Website | Facebook | Twitter) masterfully created his first artist album, Patio De Juegos (Download on Beatport). There is a wide variety of sound packed into an astounding 15 tracks and I have reviewed each below. I recommend buying the whole package, it's well worth the price of admission as its stacked with artful arrows of sound.
  • Una Tarde Con Pedro is a beautiful soulful piano piece with undertones of tribal drum that take you on a scenic ride. This track has a motion picture feel to it.
  • Patio de Juegos heats things up a bit but in delicate fashion as the track expands and pulls back ever so slightly. A great day track this is indeed!
  • My Whole Thing features the majestic voice of Anthea Marie Nzekwu with clean drums and ethic flair.
  • We Shall Overcome featuring Guy Gerber, is a teasing dance floor stunner. The rhythm is infectious, it gets inside of you, and has a bass line that tears it out of you!
  • No Promises featuring Ryan Crosson, is a spooky mystifying journey where glitch and deep groove take you into the night.
  • Miraloo featuring Grünbox, has a digital flair with funky tribal drums and trippy vocals.
  • Lucio El Anarquista featuring Daniel Melingo has a unique blend of tech, classical and organic sound.
  • Shame drives hard and pays homage to percussion in massive ways!
  • Ohsu is extraterrestrial!
  • Wanna Be has a classic feel and is a well composed journey filled with undertones and bright colors.
  • Sun has a mystical and warm deep house vibe.
  • All The Girls, a gorgeous track with soulful uplifting vocals.
  • Still Here is a deep ominous space journey.
  • Al Viento, a master class piano piece. Clean sound all the way through.
  • Como No Fuimos featuring Fosky (*Digital Bonus Track), is a very unique and inspiring track with a classical appeal and dance floor ruggedness.

Guti - Still Here | Download on Beatport

Guti - Sun | Download on Beatport