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Detroit Producer Aaron-Carl, Loses His Fight With Cancer

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Best known for his unique ability to cross-over styles like deep house, techno and  electro-funk, Aaron-Carl was one of Detroit's most interesting Electronic Music artists. [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

The acclaimed producer had been very personable to fans about his health and trials over the past couple of weeks, using multiple social media platforms. When he canceled  his European tour, he wrote a MySpace blog, explaining his experiences in and out of the hospital. Earlier this week, he posted this video on his homepage discussing his official diagnosis:

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The last Twitter posting read, "Finished the bone marrow biopsy. Ouch! Now I'm preparing for the lymph node removal. Surgery, here I come!" A light that was turned off entirely too early, Aaron-Carl is sure to be missed greatly.

For nearly 20 years, Aaron-Carl has been released on various labels all over the world; including Rebirth, Metroplex, Subject Detroit, Ovum, Universal France and his own label, Wallshaker Music. One of his first self-released singles, “My House,” got licensed by Josh Wink’s label, Ovum Recordings, and became Aaron’s first Billboard Top 40 Dance/Club hit. Starting in 1996, with little more than a keyboard and a four-track cassette recorder, Aaron-Carl's demo landed in the hands of “Mad” Mike Banks of Underground Resistance.  Aaron-Carl was signed to Underground Resistance's sub-label, Soul City. His first two tracks, “Wash It” (featuring “Down”) and “Crucified” were released together— instantly earning him a local and international following. Over the course of his career, Aaron-Carl’s music has been showcased in various feature films — like <em class='bbc'>Maestro</em>, a house music documentary by Josell Ramos.  He also appears in The Godfather Chronicles, with "The Ghetto Tech Sound of Detroit."

My thoughts and prayers go out to Aaron-Carl's family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.


You can view the page at http://www.genxglow....ht-With-Cancer
:weep: Thats really sad. He will be remembered in electronic dance music history as brilliant techno producer. My heart goes out to him and his family.
That's too bad.....truly a sad story. It's always sad to see dedicated members of the scene pass on, for whatever the reason. Lymphoma is bad news, for sure....too bad he lost his battle. I wish the best for all his family/friends.
one of the most amazing and influential people in the music biz that i've EVER met in my life. chilled with him a few times- great spirit. totally sucks :( i came to tears when i got the text message
heard about this a few days ago from people close to him. a loss. a loss for everyone. he was a happy spirit.