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Charlotte: Dada Life Invades The Queen City on Dec 28 [Event Preview + Ticket Giveaway]

Let’s just state what we already know. This duo is hilarious. They can deliver energy to crowds like no other. They probably have stock in Chiquita Banana.

But, in all seriousness, the Swedish outfit Dada Life have been making people laugh and dance at the same time for over six years. 2011-2012 was no exception as their reach became quite larger around the world. The concept for their debut artist album, The Rules Of Dada, are unmistakably apparent, from the artwork on the cover, to the first track being their hit, “Kick Out The Epic MotherF*cker.” These boys want you to have a good time, and they want to give you smile lines while doing it (bastards). Having only heard their high-octane sets, I am super excited to see these boys in my hometown! I better stock up on champagne! eek!

December 28, 2012 at Phoenix of Charlotte, NC will no different, as the potassium ridden boys are set to invade the Queen City courtesy of Sugar Society and Disco Donnie Presents! Tickets are now available, purchase yours today!

Ticket Giveaway

You know we can't talk about a bad*ss show without hooking up one of our readers! You know what to do! Get to clickin'!


Going to be bananas!